1919-1923 | Artistic Conflicts in Dresden and in Düsseldorf (continuation)

Oktober 1921 travels to Düsseldorf; Makes the acqaintance of art dealer Johanna Ey ("Mother Ey"), who smoothes the way to his first successes, as well as physician Hans Koch and his wife Martha.

Fall 1922 Moves to Düsseldorf. Master pupil at the art academy, studying with Heinrich Nauen and Wilhelm Herberholz, who instructs Dix in the aquatint etching technique.

Becomes a member of the "Junges Rheinland" artists group. Close contact with Gert Wollheim (they temporarily share a studio), Arthur Kaufmann (travels through Italy and Sicily in 1924) and Otto Pankok.

1923 Marriage to Martha Koch nee Lindner ("Mutzli") and birth of daughter Nelly.