1946-1969 | Between "two Germanys"

February 1946 Return to Hemmenhofen.

His expressive late work is dominated by alla prima painting and lithography.

From 1947 to 1966 annual working visits to Dresden (publication of the lithographs). Dix becomes an exemplary German-German artist and is caught between the fronts of the abstract postwar modernism of the West and the Socialist Realism of the GDR.

1955 Participation in documenta I in Kassel, member of the Academy of Arts, Berlin-Dahlem.1956 Corresponding member of the German Academy of Arts, Berlin (East). 1957 comprehensive retrospective in the Academy of Arts, Berlin (East). 1960 first edition of the monograph by Fritz Loeffler (Dresden), which even today remains an essential work on Dix.