Otto Dix Today, Otto Dix is considered one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. His engaged and ambivalent realism remains highly appropriate to today. However, limiting the painter to his Verism of the 1920's would be to deprive him of his vital capacity for transformation and his modernity. Like almost no other, the changes and contradictions of his work reflect the breaks and dislocations of a century of extremes.Throughout his life, Dix remained true to himself and he has remained a source of cultural controversy. \" I don't paint what anybody wants. Sorry. I just happen to be such a self-confident proletarian, you know, that I say: 'I'm going to do that! You can say what you want.' I don't know myself what that's good for. But I do it. Because I know that is how it was and not different." [1963]